She was breaking,

Fragile as a grenade.

Tears fell down her dry cheeks,

Loud sobs nobody heard,

As she showered,

Burning her skin in the water hotter than hell.



Everyone downstairs,

Can’t hear her cries of pain.

Biting her lip,

Holding in the screams.

Waking up with blood on her lip.


Are they just a sad as she feels?

For the fog is dense,

Recalling them is difficult.

She sits alone,

Day after day.


Shows of randomness,

Paint the background.

Puzzles make the mind work.


She’s okay,

But is she?

For she is the only one who truly knows the pain.

Can anyone see?

Are they paying attention?

Maybe they are bored of hearing the same shit on repeat…

Lessons have been learned.

She floats above herself,

Her heart pounds within her chest as the room spins,


But she’s not.


She is not.


She is not.

What is this?


Nope, she won’t allow it.


Yes, but fuck.


She hides.

Oh, does she fucking hide.

Bursting at the seams.

Fragile as a grenade.

Biting her lip,

The blood streams into her mouth,

Holding in the scream,

Tears fall,

The hot water turning her delicate skin pink.

Stepping her wet foot on the mat,

Falling into the wall,

Sliding to the floor,


She floats towards the ceiling,

Her heart pounded outside her chest.


She’s fucking scared.

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