I can not hide anything. My face says everything. Want to know if I dislike you? Look at my face. Want to know if I like being around you? Look at my face. I have resting bitch face, no doubt about it, and it shows every emotion I feel. It is horrible. I wish there were times when I could shut it off. Be a chameleon. But then I would not be true to who I am. Better to be honest, blunt. It is not my fault if a person cannot handle it. Just means we are not meant to be friends. Move over, get out of my way, I do not have time for those who cannot handle the truth. The truth hurts. It can knock a person down. Get up. Dust yourself off. Grow from it. Remain positive. Keep facing the truth. It only makes you stronger.

I am probably annoyingly positive to a lot of people, but I do not give a shit. I walk around with this evil look of hate in my eyes, beautiful smile, fuck it all attitude, and always have a positive view on everything, at times. There are times when I let my eyes light up full of the happiness I feel to go along with my smile and attitude. Life is too short to be negative about everything. I am living for my children and myself. I will live how I want and if people do not like it, oh fucking well. Get your own life. Stop stalking me on social media, yeah you know who you are. Yes, calling out my haters; let’s face it you are a fan, cannot get enough, because here you are wondering if any of my entries are about you. Honey, if you are wondering, then they probably are.

Haha! For those of you that know me, can you picture my face right now?? Pure resting bitch face with the brightest smile lighting up my eyes! Yeah you all know the face!! LOL!!! Completely enjoying myself right now as I type away on the keyboard, listening to music in the background, the puppies snoring, and the kid’s laughter as they watch silly videos on YouTube.

I am a total bitch and I am okay with that. Some call it being a bitch, others call it being a blunt honest person, either way I truly do not care. I see no reason to apologize for who I am. I will either be accepted for me or not. I am happy and that is all that matters.

People judge. We judge ourselves. We are so worried about what others think. I have too much on my plate, worrying about what everyone thinks about me is something I have decided to push off to the side, dump in the trash can. If someone has a problem with me fine. That is their problem, not mine. I have decided to live life my way. One day at a time. Happy. No longer caring what anyone thinks about me.

It is amazing how changing my out look on life has changed so many things. Not allowing negative thoughts filter their way in every day has been a huge thing. Remembering there is light in every bit of darkness. More positive thoughts begin to out weigh the negative and just these simple changes make life better. It also helps that I no longer care what anyone thinks about me, whether they like me or not, and by no longer apologizing for every little thing has done wonders.

I may wear my emotions on face, like a road map, but truth be told I am okay with this. This way I do not have to baby step around everyone. Everyone already knows where they stand with me.

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